Varibobiclub guarantees the quality of the flavors it provides, as it uses fresh ingredients and prepares handmade delicacies of unique quality and taste. From the production to the final preparation of the dishes, no standardized and prepared products intervene. All ingredients come from excellent quality raw materials and maximum preparation care by our chef and his team. We are very proud of our staff, the quality of our food and of course the delicious result of all our dishes.

Our menu has been created from excellent quality materials and our gastronomic inspiration is obvious. Each menu designed by our chef to make it special for any occasion and fully meet your expectations.

Δείτε το Μενού μας

Our chef, inspired and experimenting to create the menu, transforming the dishes in complete dining experience.


For the configuration of our menu, seasonal ingredients are selected, so that it is fresh and cool. In addition, it meets special nutritional requirements (children’s menus, vegetarian, etc.) to cover the range of your guests. We are able to present you a complete tasting experience that will be unforgettable for you and your guests.


We have created classic and more creative recipes. Imaginative dishes are at your disposal to choose the ones that perfectly fit your event and will create your scenario of success.


We guarantee you a flawless, gastronomic result in any event. Our dishes can give taste, passion and soul in any occasion. Whether it is a glamorous wedding ceremony, a happy baptism or a professional event. You can be absolutely sure that you will have the result you have dreamed of.